The 5-day Ashtanga Yoga Challenge with Loren Russo


Jump start your practice with a full 5 days of consecutive Ashtanga Yoga!! Monday July 4th- July 8th, 2016!!!

Commit, Progress, Transform

Yoga is as powerful as you make it and will take you to any depth you are willing to go but to even begin to taste it’s true potential, we first need to commit to take the steps necessary to transform our occasional practice into a life long habit. During our 5-Day Ashtanga Yoga Challenge you will have the opportunity to develop your yoga habit by learning the traditional Astanga Yoga method under the skillful guidance of Loren. Make a firm commitment that your health, wellness and peace is a priority and experience the raw power of this ancient purification practice. Commit and you will transform you body, mind and consciousness.

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For more information email or call 609-389-9306.