Katie is a runner, rock climber, snowboarder and lover of the outdoors who has spent well over half of her life as a practicing yogi. Through yoga, Katie has not only been able to deepen her own sense of self-awareness but has also been able to maintain the focus, discipline, flexibility and agility necessary to physically enjoy the outdoors through the sports she loves. Katie apprenticed under Michael Cremone in the Power Yoga discipline and has been teaching yoga all over New Jersey ever since. As a yoga instructor, Katie’s classes include creative flows, core strength and technical poses such as inversions and arm balances. Classes are designed for all levels offering variations for novice to experienced practitioners. Katie’s yoga practice and teaching style continues to evolve as she travels the world to train in diverse yogic disciplines.


For over 30 years, Malia has been living a Holistic life style and gaining wisdom and healing methods from her many teachers. Malia is a Reiki Master, certified Gestalt and massage therapist, Let It Go Yoga teacher, Ermei Qigong healer, Ama Deus healing practitioner and director of Island Wellness Center in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. Malia’s style of yoga integrates her healing expertise with specialized yoga sequencing designed to help students DE-­‐STRESS by integrating breath and stretch to release pent up tension.


As a lifelong native of the LBI region, Alexa has always been passionate about her little beach town home and the people in it. Alexa began practicing yoga 5 years ago, and found the physical practice really helpful in trying to transition from being a full time competitive cheerleader to finding peace in life after sports. After diving deeper into her yoga practice, she found that it offers much more than a physical workout. Alexa studied under Katie and Crystal at Radiant Heart Yoga School, and says that meditation, spirituality, and self awareness has absolutely changed her life. Alexa is passionate about sharing health and wellness practices with her community through a combination of yoga, aromatherapy, and nutrition.


Caitlin found yoga while living in Costa Rica in 2005, and it is something that has stayed with her since. It is impossible for her to deny the beautiful way yoga connects the mind, the body, and the soul. She received her 200 hour certification in August of 2016 from the Radiant Heart Yoga Training at Yoga Bohemia on Long Beach Island under the support and guidance of Crystal Dawn Froberg and Katie Ribsam. She loves to teach eco-yoga and vibrant studio vinyasa. Caitlin invites her students to breathe deeply and spend some time at home in their own beautiful bodies, ebbing and flowing through their practice like the waves upon the shore.


Emily attended Indiana University where she played and completed a career in Division I field hockey for the Hoosiers. After her last fall season, she needed something new to latch onto. Indiana field hockey had incorporated yoga and she had always really enjoyed the sessions after the team’s long lifts/practices/games/ and travel. Instantly, she felt like this was exactly what she needed and knew she wanted to pursue a career teaching yoga (specifically yoga FOR athletes).

In May 2014 Emily completed my 200-hr RYT at Vibe Yoga in Bloomington, Indiana. Shortly after graduating from Indiana- she continued her field hockey career/education in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Emily began teaching yoga for athletes at this point in her life.

After traveling the world and living in various countries- Emily decided to come home- to New Jersey. She completed a training in Power Yoga For Sports with Gwen Lawrence (NY Giants yoga instructor). Nowadays, you can mostly find her teaching with Rutger’s Athletics teams, however, she still loves teaching a good/yummy/productive studio class.

Emily’s BIGGEST goal as a teacher is to make everyone feel accepted and make them realize they are exactly where they need to be. She tries to make her classes flowy and fun- and do not be surprised by what music comes on. Music varies from reggae to hip hop and everything in between.


Gina originally began practicing yoga in 2011 as a gym employee who was just looking for a way to utilize her free membership. She didn’t realize at the time how much the decision to take that first yoga class would change her life. In 2014, she completed her 200-hour teacher training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and has since sought to share the gift of yoga with as many people as she can. She teaches classes that are accessible to all levels by offering both modifications and advanced variations and always encourages her students to honor their own bodies. Although she has already learned so much in the past 3 years, she knows there is still an endless amount more to learn and is excited to be embarking on her next journey completing her 300 hours! She is looking forward to growing even more as a student and teacher and sharing that knowledge with those she is lucky enough to teach.


Jenn has been teaching yoga for 3 years, specializing in athletic, creative vinyasa flow classes. She is an active, outdoorsy type with a love of animals and adventure travel. She is a 7th grade teacher much of the year, and a 19 year beach patrol veteran. Her past athletic passions included horseback riding, college crew, triathlons, marathons, and surf-boat rowing. She also has a love of all animals, and spends much of her free time with her Australian Shepherd and various foster dogs. Jenn’s love of yoga stems from taking care of the body and preventing injury, and cultivating a sense of calm and inner stillness.She loves teaching both in the studio and on the beach and would be honored to take you on an adventure on your mat.


Taylor took her first yoga class when she was 16 and never looked back.  Yoga has always helped her heal and nourish her body. Taylor completed the Honor Yoga RYT 200 training in Pennington under Jessica Zerr and Angela Quinn.  She is currently enrolled a 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training certification through the Radiant Heart Yoga School at Yoga Bohemia. Besides her love for practicing and learning about all types of yoga, she enjoys studying yoga philosophy.  When Taylor is not at yoga, she is a middle school Social Studies teacher. Taylor loves to travel as frequently as she can and is currently trying to visit every state capital – so far she has achieved 25. She offers her students the opportunities to practice relaxation, flexibility, and smile.  She can’t wait to share her love of yoga with fun and playful practices.


Darla is a graduate of Radiant Heart Yoga School’s 200 hour YTT. She loves all types of yoga, but her favorite is power yoga/vigorous vinyasa because of the intense workout it provides, addressing everything from cardio to building core strength. Under the mentorship of Katie and Crystal, Darla recently opened her own yoga studio in Burlington City, which borders her hometown of Burlington Township. As a busy school administrator, her goal was to open a studio near her home that offered classes around the workday. She is loving all aspects of running a studio, but she especially enjoys introducing new students to the many benefits of a regular yoga practice. A lifelong learner, Darla holds a doctoral degree in educational leadership, and she is continuing her study of yoga in the Advanced Teacher Training at Yoga Bohemia. She is most interested in the anatomy of yoga and designing fun sequences with the right level of challenge for her students. When Darla is not running her early childhood elementary school or teaching at her own studio, she is often in Beach Haven with her husband, Stephen, and their family, which also includes a German Shepherd, a stubborn Maltese, and three Ragdoll cats. Darla absolutely loves teaching and learning at Yoga Bohemia. She looks forward to seeing you on the mat or the sand!


“Breathe deeply and courageously and take one step after the other; because beyond the darkness, there is always light.” -Tamara Levitt

Originally from Rockland County, New York Sarah has made Long Beach Township her home for the last four years. After moving to LBI, she wanted expand her yoga and meditation practice and share the benefits with others. Under the guidance and leadership of Katie Ribsam & Crystal Dawn Froberg of the Radiant Heart Yoga School, Sarah has a 200 hour teaching certificate in Vibrant Vinyasa. Sarah can be found teaching Refine & Flow or Beach Yoga. Always a student, Sarah plans to continue her yoga training this winter by enrolling in the 300 hour teacher training.


Cynthia has a dynamic practice that integrates pranayama, body alignment and yogic philosophy to guide you into a moving meditation. Her work with the National Dance Institute, a career as a professional dancer, and the exploration of several yoga styles, including Iyengar, Ashtanga and Hatha, has influenced Cynthia’s vinyasa teaching style.
Under the inspirational instruction of Laurie Green at Yoga Nine, Cynthia completed a 250-hour certified teacher training with an emphasis on alignment and assists.  With the light and guidance of Carol Anne Paterson, Cynthia is a Level III practitioner of Reiki, a Japanese form of hands-on energy healing.  She is grateful to all of her teachers that have helped to shape her practice and life. Like her own yoga practice, she wants you to have greater body awareness, mind focus and a sense of well being.  
Cynthia is grateful for the support of her loving husband and three children. Together they enjoy hiking the woods with their Irish Setter, biking along the shore, skiing the diamonds or gathering around the table with family and friends.  Cynthia finds fulfillment as a volunteer for the Christ Child Society whose mission is to supply layettes and support to at-risk families.


Brittany is a California native and now an LBI local. She has a vivacious love for life, and a gift for helping others become the best version of them. In 2016, Brittany backpacked through South East Asia to grow as both yoga student and teacher. When in Thailand, she completed her first intensive 200hr YTT at Samma Karuna. Now, Brittany teaches many styles of yoga from Vinyasa (beginner – advanced) to Yin. She is known for her instruction of smooth transitions and her “relaxing” voice. When Brittany’s not teaching yoga, you can find her working toward her MS in Rehabilitation Counseling, dancing, hiking, readings, or lying on the beach in Barnegat Light. Brittany firmly believes that a good teacher is always a student, learning from all aspects of life, including her own students.


Angelina Hardiman, proud  graduate of the Radiant Heart School for Yoga is a Certified Instructor with certifications in Mindfulness, Holistic Healing and Cognitive Based Therapy(CBT).Angie has been a yoga student for over a decade, practicing and studying meditation even longer. With emphasis on proper alignment, posture and mindful movements, Angie likes to create a fun, vinyasa style class for all levels. Yoga has changed her life in so many ways, both physically and mentally. She has overcome chronic pain and symptoms of depression and anxiety after several life altering events, and is eager to share what she’s learned with the world. You can find her in the studio every day, as she is a perpetual student, always learning and growing her personal practice. Off of the mat, Angie is a registered dental hygienist, with a BS in Allied Health. Most proudly, she is the mom of two amazing teenage boys, Jack and Aidan.


Arielle found her love for yoga while searching for a way to cope with her anxiety. Now ten years later, she has found her true passion. With dreams of being an elementary school teacher, she has found that teaching yoga is just as rewarding. In 2017 she decided to continue her yoga journey by receiving her 200 hour training with Kevin Corey at Liquid Bliss in Harvey Cedars, NJ. Two years later, with the desire for more knowledge, she has found her way to Yoga Bohemia to continue her education in the 300 hour program. Arielle loves teaching on the  beach and in the studio, gentle to all level, with children or the child at heart. She just loves to spread the love.


After spending over 12 years practicing law, Dana shifted gears and began to pursue a life more aligned with her values.  She completed Yoga Bohemia’s Radiant Heart Yoga School 200-hour yoga teacher training program under the tutelage of Katie Ribsam and Crystal Froberg and currently is earning our Advanced 300-hour teacher training certification!  Dana loves to learn and has participated in numerous additional training programs, enabling her to teach not only Vinyasa-based flow classes, but also Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Trauma-Informed programs and Yoga Nidra. Dana owns a yoga studio near her home in Tabernacle, New Jersey, where she offers a wide variety of yoga-based programming, including book clubs, workshops and outdoor eco-yoga adventures!  When she’s not on her mat, you can find Dana volunteering with her county’s 4-H youth development program, on the farm with her horses or out in the Pine Barrens, soaking in all of mama nature’s goodness!


Robin is a classically trained singer who uses his body as an instrument.  His yoga practice keeps his instrument finely tuned, refined, balanced and harmonized between his body, mind and spirit.  His Dharma is to share music, knowledge and his yoga practice with others in order to help connect to one’s own Dharma and vulnerability.  Robin has completed 200hr teacher training and is currently pursuing his 500hr TT certification with the Radiant Heart School under the tutelage of Katie Ribsam.


Ruby’s love for yoga stems from the endless path of discovery it holds for us.  In the beginning of 2014, Ruby decided to make a change in her life and venture down to Costa Rica for her 200 Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at the Pavones Yoga Center.  Not only did she learn how to guide a group of students but she learned how to guide herself as well.  She learned healing modalities such as reiki and became in tune with nature and our humbling environment.  This experience opened up a whole new realm of love and light into her heart.  Yoga is a mindful, transformative practice meant to be delighted in by all.  Ruby’s intention as a teacher is to create a space where students can soak in their own yummy experience of self exploration while still feeling apart of something greater than themselves.  Ruby extends her gratitude to her teachers and students, past and present and looks forward to seeing you on the mat! 🙂


“Let the beauty you love be what you do” ~Rumi
Crystal finds the beauty and magic in the yoga teachings and loves sharing her love of yoga with others. Over the last 10 years of her life while being passionate about the healing arts including massage, dance, vegetarianism, and lots of travel, yoga was and is a huge part of her daily life…on and off the mat. In 2012 she moved out to California to study yoga at the Laughing Lotus in San Francisco which was the most transformative, beautiful, heart opening time of her life. Awakening to her soul’s purpose on this planet even more. And that is why she love teaching yoga, to hold the space for others to heal and transform their lives. To live out your soul’s wildest dreams and to embrace the beauty of every moment. Yoga helps Crystal step out of her head and into her heart. The heart space, where we all should learn to live from. Recently she graduated from a Art of Attention yoga training in NYC with Elena Brower. This training brought the magic of yoga even deeper into her body and brain. Literally healing every cell, thought, and pattern. Crystal feels so privileged to be a yoga teacher in this lifetime. She is so grateful everyday for this practice and being able to share it with you!


Yoga is the way I choose to live my life. I went through my 200 hour teacher training with Align and Flow, learning from my incredible mentors Erin Peluso and Joell Lanfrank. Through yoga I have found peace and insight within myself, others around me, and the universe we live in. Yoga teachings, whether it be poses (asana), breathing (pranayama), or reading the Yoga Sutras of the yogi master Pantanjali, has allowed me to be the best version of myself. Yoga teaches us that love is the center of the universe and nothing else. I spend my days spreading all that I have learned through teaching classes and always encouraging people to try out yoga. It’s important to remember that yoga can be intimidating at first. You’re watching everyone contort their bodies in ways that may seem impossible to you, but with TIME and PRACTICE you will get there, I promise! I have a passion for spreading yoga and focus of making my classes fun! Dip your toes in the huge ocean of yoga teachings and start your journey to a new life!


“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart” -Confucius
With this quote as a guiding principle both on and off the mat, Christina hopes to bring love and light to each and every class. As a graduate of the Radiant Heart Yoga School here at Yoga Bohemia, Christina has cultivated a practiced balanced in heart, mind, and body through the inspiration and knowledge of her teachers, Katie Ribsam and Crystal Froberg. As a Neuroscience and Health Studies major at Fairfield University, Christina’s class draws from her passions for both mind and soul, focusing on deepening our physical and emotional connections to the practice while allowing our heart to guide the way in class and beyond. All are welcomed and encouraged to come learn, grow, laugh, and love together in Christina’s classes focused on alignment, strength, flexibility, and flowing with an open heart. Honored to have the opportunity to continue learning and teaching in the greatest studio on the greatest island, Christina looks forward to sharing space with you, as apart of the community she loves so deeply.



A lifelong adventure seeker, traveler, and lover of the natural world, Liz began her yoga practice at the age of 16. As a double sport athlete, Liz initially sought yoga to counteract the intense physical stress she was putting on her body. While she discovered a way to stretch and strengthen the body, she found that the benefits of yoga extended far beyond a relief for the muscles. She found that yoga helped to improve her mood, focus, relationships with friends and teammates, leadership skills, mental stability, contentment and happiness (and so much more!!). Later, when Liz became and high school teacher and coach, she began to integrate aspects of yoga, breath work, and meditation in the classroom and practices. As with her own experience, she noted that her students and athletes seemed to have similar transformative experiences. While Liz is no longer in the classroom, she continues to coach and advocate for the presence of yoga and meditation in the lives of children and teens. Her passion for nature, from the sea to the mountains, has been a driving force behind her travels. In college, Liz studied biology and eco-tourism, the concept of responsible travel in terms of environmental awareness and sustainability as well as cultural respect. Liz now lends her experience to the yoga retreat lifestyle, combining her passions in life: yoga, travel, and nature. Graduating from the Radiant Heart Yoga School and apprenticing under Katie Ribsam in the style of Power Yoga, helped drastically to shift her life path towards a direction of her true dharma. She continues to seek out every corner of the earth, practicing eco-yoga, meeting new people, and reconnecting to pacha mama. You can find her barefoot and salty-haired teaching vinyasa, yin, SUP yoga, and beach yoga at Yoga Bohemia.

And remember, “if the ocean can calm itself so can you, we are both salt water mixed with air” – Nayyirah Waheed

Namaste babes! Xoxo


“My yoga mat is a magic carpet. When I am on it, I discover places within me that I never knew
Jackie has been practicing yoga for 5 years. She fell in love with the way that, as soon as she stepped on her mat, she felt peace and tranquility. Through her asana and meditation practice, she has found more strength, courage, and bliss within her than could have ever imagined possible. Jackie decided to become a yoga teacher to help her students discover that strength, courage, and peace is also within them. Jackie is a Radiant Heart Yoga School at Yoga Bohemia 200-hour teacher training graduate. She is grateful to have the opportunity to share her yoga practice with you and looks forward to seeing you on your mat!


Maryann’s yoga journey started around 15 years ago as a way of coping with a diagnosis of cancer. It helped her get through all the fears, uncertainties and anxieties that came along with it. She really came to appreciate all the healing properties that came out of a yogic practice. In 2014, to celebrate her tenth year being cancer free, she decided to embark on a 200 hour intensive yoga teacher training. During that training, she started to lean toward the slower yin pace of yoga. Along with her 200 hour certificate from Become One Yoga, taught by Jody Domerstaad, she also achieved her 300 hour certificate with Jody Domerstaad for a yin teacher training. Maryann is also a certified Reiki Level 2 practitioner, receiving her attunement from Malia Murphy.


Stacy Anuttara Newfeld is an E-RYT with 3 decades of experience. Her teachers/mentors Shiva Rea & Elena Brower inspire her classes which are an offering of the heart. A practice where the breath weaves into conscious alignment based sequences inviting you to land in a state of balance and grace.
5 yrs ago she began her work with sound & crystal bowls & thus Essential Sonic Surrenders were born.
A Platinum Leader & educator for dōTERRA she infuses all of her yoga and sound classes with the aromatic benefits these plants “of the earth” provide.


Laura found yoga as a blessing for both her mind and body.  As someone that could never touch her toes, Laura feared yoga before she learned to embrace it.  Now, as she embraces the practice, she is amazed by the transformative power of yoga, both on and off the mat.  In June 2016, she completed the Align and Flow 200 Hour Teacher Training program under the guidance of her beloved teachers, Erin Peluso and Joell Lanfrank. Laura is forever grateful to both of them for their knowledge and attention to her practice.  Laura’s classes are filled with kindness and she invites you to join her on the mat as a way to express unconditional love for yourself.


“Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always be the sunshine”

Living life the best I can according to this quote on and off my yoga mat. Yoga has a way of transforming your soul into a beam of light that needs to be shared with the world. 
A practitioner of holistic health with a passion for the healing arts of massage therapy and yoga. I like to bring a vibrant light to your mat so that no matter what life throws at you, your practice can be the sunshine no matter the circumstance. A way to reconnect to your heart and true self. I graduated from Radiant Heart Yoga School and am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to share my practice with everyone! See you on your mat.


During massage school, Michelle had the idea to combine her career of massage and her love of yoga. Three years later Michelle found her courage and enrolled in Radiant Heart Yoga School. Through her magical trainings with Katie and Crystal, Michelle learned to craft creative and thoughtful sequences with purpose that allow her students to discover strength, courage, and harmony. By focusing on breath, alignment, strength, balance, flexibility and endurance Michelle creates challenging classes for both mind and body that are accessible to all by encouraging students to listen to their own body. She wants her students to understand that yoga is more than a physical workout, it is a practice that enables you to bring balance to your life.


Noel found her way to yoga 20 years ago and as a recent graduate of the Radiant Heart Yoga School, enjoys cultivating community through this practice. With a background in health coaching and as a chef preparing nutritious cuisine, yoga became the perfect complement to her work in wellness.  Noel found yoga to be a stable and guiding force in her life and aims to support her students with patience and respect on their journey in the practice.


Sara is an active, outgoing, and continuously on the go kind of person. She loves the outdoors, traveling, being with her friends and family and going on a new adventure. After playing sports for many years and succumbing to a few injuries Sara  and decided to try yoga in order to heal. However, yoga did so much more than just heal her physically. It has become such a constant and a major part of her life. Her practice began 5 years ago and has continued ever since. Sara is a recent graduate from the Radiant Heart Yoga Training this past December. However, Sara began teaching classes to her fellow peers in college when she attended Mount St. Mary’s University.  This is where Sara realized her passion for helping those around her and helping anyone who she meet get closer to finding their dharma  She feels so much gratitude towards her teachers and has so much thanks to be able to teach every yogi who steps on their mat.


Christina Reese  is a E-RYT 200hr yoga teacher through Radiant Heart Yoga School, at Yoga Bohemia in Long Beach Island, NJ. She is also the founder of Blooming Lotus Wellness & Yoga, New Jersey. To Christina, yoga is a relationship between mind, body and breath. Yoga is freedom and release. She is here to help others enjoy this too, so they can feel the same things that she feels as she keeps learning and understanding the practice of yoga. As a teacher, Christina enjoys teaching anyone who is willing to open up themselves, and willing to go a little past their comfort zone. She enjoys teaching her students how to listen to their own bodies. Diving deeper, Learning to honor and respect the body & dig deep into the soul. Her gentle reassuring ways will always leave you craving more.

Christina has studied under Katie Lynn Ribsam (Power), Crystal Dawn Froberg (Lotus), Pepper Monroe (Restorative), Malia Murphy ( Reiki Master Teacher), Judith Lasater (Restorative, Relax & Renew), Loren Russo (Ashtanga), Victor Varana (Meditation), Elena Brower (Lotus), Liz Alvarez (Anatomy, Therapeutic), Julia Ruocco ( NIDRA) Lakshmi Voelker (Get Fit Where You Sit,®️Chair), and Sean Johnson (Kirtan), Dr. Dan Libby, PhD, Veterans Yoga Project (PTSD), Angela Strynkowski, (Restorative Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery)  Camille Kittrell (Breast Cancer & Beyond©️), Lakshmi Voelker (Get Fit Where You Sit ®️Chair) Ryah Dekis, (YIN), Dr. Nathalie Edmond, (Anxiety & Depression).


Bridget began practicing yoga about 11 years ago and quickly began to notice the life changing benefits of a dedicated practice. She attended her 200 hour YTT through Liquid Bliss Yoga in 2016 under Kevin Corey. Going in, teaching was the last thing she was interested in. Coming out her attitude was the exact opposite; her love for yoga was intensified. Just over a year later she knew it was time to dive even deeper and is currently enrolled in her 300 hour advanced teacher training with Radiant Heart Yoga School through Yoga Bohemia with Katie Ribsam, Crystal Froberg and Ruby Cohen.

Bridget’s classes are reflective of her laid back attitude with a playlist to match. She believes yoga is adaptable to each individual, therefore she offers many variations to encourage challenging your body while learning to decipher mind/body vs ego.


Justine had an on-again-off-again relationship with yoga from 2011 to 2016. She primarily practiced power yoga and piyo, and she loved gaining strength and confidence through both of these. She likes to intertwines these elements into many of her classes today.

In 2016, Justine committed (after some strong encouragement from friends and the universe) to her 200 hour YTT under Kevin Corey at Liquid Bliss. With no intention of becoming a teacher, she was looking to deepen her personal practice, learn more about the 8 limbs of yoga, and to find calm in the chaos of her very stressful life. However, the next 6 months were so transformative that she knew she had to share the gift of yoga with anyone willing to listen.

After 2 years of teaching, Justine still yearned for more knowledge. This is what led her to Yoga Bohemia for her 300 hour advanced training with Radiant Heart Yoga School. Being surrounded with the most inspiring teachers and students, it only took a few months for her to quit her full time job (and part time job of commuting 2 hours each way) and committed to the yogi life for good.

When Justine isn’t teaching a lighthearted yoga class, you can catch her slinging beer at Ship Bottom Brewery. She’s also the mama to a smart and sassy 11-year-old daughter and the sweetest 3-year-old rescue pup.