Flight School with Cathy Madeo


Let your spirits soar as you take your practice to new heights! Cathy will lead you in a 4 week series is designed to remove the mystique around arm balances and inversions by making them accessible to students of all levels. You will learn how to activate your core by learning conditioning exercises to build strength and stamina. You will also be given step-by-step instructions to learn how to position your body in order to take flight. Students new to arm balances and inversions will be given modifications; students already practicing these postures will learn new tips to go deeper. A sample of poses that will be covered: crow (bakasana) side crow (parsva bakasana), scissors & flying splits (eka pada koundiyasana 1 & 2), 8 angle pose (astavakrasana), flying pigeon (eka pada galavasana), L Pose, handstand, forearm balance, tripod headstand and more! Build strength, find balance, and empower your practice! Come experience the power of flight!

(Students should be comfortable holding chaturunga dandasana and plank pose.)

Cost: $35 drop in for each individual session.

Season Pass holders and Class Pass Holders get an additional 10% off!

Cathy is an E-RYT 200 certified yoga teacher. She received her 200 hour teacher training certification in Los Angeles at City Yoga (currently operated by YogaWorks) in 2004. Cathy has been a practitioner of yoga for over 20 years and has over 10 years experience teaching yoga in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and New Jersey, where she now calls home. Cathy has a knack for helping students of all levels access challenging poses. She brings her enthusiasm for deepening each student’s yoga practice to every class so that her students are inspired to challenge themselves, open up, and grow in a safe and fun environment. Cathy holds a BA, magna cum laude, from Columbia University and a MA in sociocultural anthropology from the University of Virginia. Learn more about Cathy at