Radiant Heart Yoga School at

Yoga Bohemia

A Vinyasa Style 200-Hour Teacher Training

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9 week Summer Intensive June 19 – August 18 2019!

Our Summer Program meets Monday & Wednesday evenings from 5:30-9pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10-4pm

Autumn Training September -December 2019!

Our Autumn Program meets for 7 intensive weekends throughout the Fall months. Meeting Friday evenings, all day Saturday and all day Sunday.


By learning how to tap into your own inner harmony and wisdom, prepare to experience the raw and genuine beauty of opening to the heart of yoga. Dive deep into the ancient teachings, full of self discovery, community, love and profound healing. We invite you to come home to your heart of hearts to breathe, move, meditate, connect back to nature and to sweat your prayers. Your teachers will guide you through these transformational practices to help you find your place as a yoga teacher in which you have the special opportunity to guide others through the life changing practice of yoga. This one of a kind program will prepare and empower you with a healthy combination of personal enrichment, teaching methodology and the simple enjoyment of Long Beach Island’s natural beauty. Learn how to teach yoga both in the studio and in the local environment including how to modify classes for beach yoga, yoga hikes, and Standup Paddleboard Yoga. We can’t wait to share this sacred time and special program with you.

Learn from a diverse team of the regions premier yoga teachers including lead teachers Crystal Dawn Froberg and Katie Ribsam. Plus many specialty guest teachers- some local and some global, including immersions with Elena Brower and many more world renowned yoga experts.

Work Study Program

Need financial Assistance? Join our work-study program! Spend time working in the studio and learning the ins and outs of the yoga biz and still have your afternoons free for the beach! In exchange, earn credit towards your tuition. Many of our past students have work-exchanged their entire training!! For more information call Katie at 609-389-9306.

What Students are Saying about Radiant Heart Yoga School

I walked through the doors of Radiant Heart Yoga School expecting to deepen my asana practice, and I left with so much more: an open heart and mind, a nourished soul, lifelong friends, and most importantly, a better understanding of who I am as a person and how I can achieve my dharma on this earth. During our ten weeks of deep study and self-reflection, I grew and flourished in places I did not previously realize even had room for further growth, and in the process, I achieved the highest level of self-awareness I have possessed to this date.

Katie and Crystal are absolutely incredible friends, teachers, and mentors, overflowing with valuable wisdom. They create a warm, welcoming environment in which you simultaneously feel loved and ready to be rise up to any challenge they present. By setting a model and example of what it means to practice yoga not just in the studio but in all aspects of one’s life, we learned how to live mindfully, maintain integrity in our actions, and take care of our interwoven minds, bodies, and souls. I loved that our training covered a wide breadth of topics, including yoga basics such as the yamas, niyamas, and sutras, as well as topics unique to Yoga Bohemia, namely a weekend hiking and eco-yoga immersion. As a result of our study and growth, I observed myself and the other 13 members of my tribe raise our vibrations in a tangible, perceptible fashion; the energy of every space we entered was unparalleled, directly demonstrating to us the undeniable power of yoga.

Overall, YTT at Yoga Bohemia was a formative, life changing experience, and if you are seeking to improve yourself in any regard, I cannot recommend Radiant Heart Yoga School enough. I left graduation a better version of myself – mind, body, and soul – and feeling elated, fulfilled, and eager to spread all that I had gained. Radiant Heart Yoga School ignited a spark within me, and through my continual practice and teaching of yoga, I will keep this fire burning.

-Lauren G.

The 200 YTT at Radiant Heart Yoga School was by far the greatest experience of my life. Under the guidance of the amazing Katie and Crystal, our journey taught us so much about ourselves and each other. Far beyond learning to become teachers, we learned life-long skills and priceless lessons on community, compassion, love, and challenging yourself beyond perceived limits. I will carry the love, knowledge, and inspiration of this incredible program with me always. Yoga Bohemia is truly a second home and my heart feels so much more radiant having this studio, these teachers, and this tribe with me. I strongly recommend anyone and everyone to participate in this program, I wish it would’ve lasted forever!!! xoxo

Words are powerful. We use them to convey story, generate emotion, or portray a picture. However, sometimes words seem to fail. Some experiences cannot be fully described to their deserved worth. But I will try my best.

Before learning about the Radiant Heart Yoga teacher training, yoga and I had a healthy on and off relationship for around ten years. The practice always welcomed by back with open arms when I would stray, different gyms or studios providing different experiences. But one aspect of each class remained the same. I practiced in awe of my teachers. Mesmerized by their knowledge of posture, breath, anatomy, alignment and even the lightness that teachers seem to possess. In my experience, becoming a yoga teacher was unattainable. I had never imagined myself able to guide a class as my role models had guided me.

I had learned of the opportunity to train under the guidance of Crystal and Katie through a dear friend who was going through a training of her own. I promised myself that I would not let the opportunity slip by.

I couldn’t have anticipated the potential expansion of my own heart as I walked through the doors of teacher training that day. Since those first moments, when I met my teachers and my fellow trainees I knew my life was changed. I was in a state of blissful amplification that has not left me since.

This program is truly extraordinary. You will not come by the magic created by Katie and Crystal in any other program. Their depth and breadth of knowledge is unmatched. Studying within this school, you are trained in a variety of vinyasa styles, from Katie’s fierce and challenging power yoga style to Crystal’s enchanting and illuminating flow. You are given the knowledge, ability and endless encouragement to find your own style that speaks to you.

With Katie and Crystal we were able to experience yoga within the studio, but they also utilized the nature and environment the program is embedded in. Because the program takes place during the summer months, we are able to comfortably train on the beach (which is only a few steps from the studio doors) and train in Stand Up Paddle board yoga in the bay (again, only a few steps from the studio doors). We were taught the art of Eco-Yoga, using the environment around you to “tune in to tune out”, enticing a unique meditative state for students and your own practice.

Katie and Crystal themselves are more than enough and exceed expectations on their own, but each are greatly connected in the yoga world. We had the lifetime opportunity to train under specialty teachers such: as Loren Russo who taught us principles of Ashtanga and adjustments; Pepper Monroe who gave us the tools to teach some seriously nurturing restorative classes; Victor Varana challenging us through balance of both body and mind; Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band gifted us their beautiful live music and practice of Bhakti yoga; Hari Kaur delivered and guided an inspired Kundalini Yoga practice; Stacey Newfeld, an Aryuvedic Yogi who taught us to balance our doshas through mind, body and movement; and finally, Elena Brower, world renowned teacher and author of Art of Attention, who graciously welcomed us into her presence. With each teacher, we had the opportunity to ask questions, learn from their experience and apply those experiences to our own.

Even though you graduate this training I feel as though you never truly “leave”. I have gained some of the closest and deepest friendships, two undeniably special mentors and personal self awareness and gratitude. I still communicate with the brothers and sisters in this program about life advice, teacher advice and training advice.

Again, saying I am “grateful” for this experience feels as though I am falling short of the truth. This experience is unmatched and this training teaches you the true practice of yoga.

-Liz L.

The Radiant Heart yoga teacher training is an absolute treasure. We entered as individuals… and we left as the the best version of ourselves connected by a golden thread. We opened our shoulders, our hips, our eyes… but most importantly we opened our hearts and our minds to receive this magnitude of beauty. The way you feel on that final day of graduation is indescribable. I always attribute it to the golden hour of the day. A warm summer sunset, casting brilliant shades of golds, pinks, and oranges across a vast sky. That is the way my heart felt. I would say our instructors were incredible, but to use “were” is a disservice. Crystal and Katie ARE amazing. Still, I can ask them anything or confide in them, and I feel as equally supported and nurtured now as I did during TT. The various guest instructors we had the opportunity to learn from, the dancing, and the eco-adventures were all nothing short of beautiful. We danced to kirtan music with Sean Johnson, we practiced under the beautiful guidance of Pepper Monroe and Elena Brower. We experienced kundalini with Hari. We unleashed our inner animals with Victor, and we explored our dosha’s with Stacey. If you are thinking about a YTT, do yourself a favor and talk to Katie and Crystal. The work study program provided an amazing opportunity to help save on the cost!

– Caitlin P.

It is so hard to put my experience with the Radiant Heart Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Bohemia into words! The first ones that come to mind are: life changing, soul filling, family, home, community, amazing memorable experiences, extremely experienced instructors, and pure fun! I wish I could go back and do it all over again. This was the absolute best investment in myself I have ever made.  I deepened my own practice in more ways than I ever thought possible! I learned so much about all aspects of yoga. But the thing I cherish the most are the memories and the friendships I made! These friendships are better described as family! My tribe!

Another incredible aspect of the RHYTT is the extraordinary special guests and field trips! How many people can say they trained with Elena Brower, Hari Kaur and sang Kirtan with Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band?! Not Many!!! These World renown yogis opened their hearts to us and some even their homes! I am so honored to have had the privilege to learn from so many amazing wise teachers!  Also, how many other teacher training programs offer stand up paddle board yoga, eco yoga hike and beach yoga?! Not many I am sure of it!

If you are thinking about doing yoga teacher training this is the program for you! I can’t imagine doing it anywhere else than with Radiant Heart Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Bohemia on magical Long Beach Island surrounded by beautiful sunsets and beautiful souls!

Danielle W.

When I signed up for Radiant Heart’s 200 yoga teacher training this spring, I was expecting to further my asana practice and learn more about the philosophy and teachings of yoga. I entered into the training for my own personal growth and experience, not necessarily to become a yoga teacher. What I did not expect was to receive all this and learn so much more, both about yoga and myself.

The curriculum is intense but comprehensive. We learned about the chakra system, the 8 limbs of yoga, yoga anatomy, eco-yoga, asana practice, asana cuing, asana adjustments, ayurvedic medicine, different styles of practice, class sequencing and so so so much more.   Our teachers Crystal and Katie both have a wealth of knowledge in many different areas of yoga, and their teaching styles and topics complemented each other.   Both worked endlessly throughout the training to ensure we learned all we needed to know, and were available for extra support at any time. They provided us with valuable classroom instruction as well as experiences outside the classroom for our eco-yoga classes. In addition to class with these incredible teachers, we were also able to experience the teachings of many yoga experts including Elena Brower (Art of Attention), Sean Johnson (Kirtan and Bakti yoga), Hari Kaur Khalsa (Kundalini yoga) and many more! We also learned from required reading of ancient yoga texts, meditation, yoga theory and asana.

I started the first class nervous but excited. My fellow classmates were warm and open and we all bonded immediately. I instantly felt comfortable and knew I was in the right place. At the end of the training, I had gained 13 friends that I will keep for life in my fellow students, and two mentors in Katie and Crystal. Our graduation day is one I will never forget, as it was magical and brought closure to such an awesome experience. Through this training, I have deepened my asana practice, have a deeper understanding about the philosophical teachings and purpose of yoga and now have a desire to share my knowledge and teach. After training ended, I reached out to Crystal and Katie for advice on an upcoming teaching audition at a studio local to my home. They both offered watch and critique my audition and offered specific and helpful feedback that better prepared me for my audition. I am grateful for this experience with Radiant Heart School and to have Katie and Crystal as my teachers, mentors and friends.

-Christine D.

Meet Your Lead Trainers

Crystal Dawn Froberg – Yoga Teacher, Baker, Traveler, Retreat Leader and founder of Radiant Heart Yoga School

bio-crystalCrystal finds the beauty and magic in the yoga teachings and loves sharing her love of yoga with others. Over the last 12 years of her life while being passionate about the healing arts including massage, dance, vegetarianism, and lots of travel, yoga was and is a huge part of her daily life…on and off the mat. In 2012 she moved out to California to study yoga at the Laughing Lotus in San Francisco which was the most transformative, beautiful, heart opening time of her life. Awakening to her soul’s purpose on this planet even more. And that is why she love teaching yoga, to hold the space for others to heal and transform their lives. To live out your soul’s wildest dreams and to embrace the beauty of every moment. Yoga helps Crystal step out of her head and into her heart. The heart space, where we all should learn to live from. Crystal also graduated from a Art of Attention yoga training in NYC with Elena Brower. This training brought the magic of yoga even deeper into her body and brain. Literally healing every cell, thought, and pattern. Crystal feels so privileged to be a yoga teacher in this lifetime. She is so grateful everyday for this practice and being able to share it with you!

Katie Ribsam – Yoga Teacher, Environmental Educator, Traveler & Explorer, Lover of the Earth, & Co-Founder of Yoga Bohemia

bio-katieA Bohemian at heart, Katie is a runner, rock climber, snowboarder and lover of the outdoors who has spent well over half of her life as a practicing yogi. Through yoga, Katie has not only been able to deepen her own sense of self-awareness but has also been able to maintain the focus, discipline, flexibility and agility necessary to physically enjoy the outdoors through the activities she loves. Katie apprenticed under Michael Cremone in the Power Yoga discipline and has been teaching yoga ever since. As a yoga instructor, Katie includes creative flows, core strength and technical poses such as inversions and arm balances to create a well-balanced and challenging experience. But don’t be fooled. The physical practice is just the tip of the iceberg and what lies beneath is the spiritual and emotional depth that sets this practice apart. With her main love being mama earth and with over a decade of environmental education experience under her belt; Katie has developed an expertise in the up-and-coming Eco-Yoga field. Beach Yoga, SUP Yoga, Yoga Hikes, Yoga Retreats- you name it- connecting students to the environment through yoga is Katie’s specialty.